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Green Stay - say no to room cleaning and donate money to our climate fund

This is a message for you - dear guest - from Harald Bjugstad-Holm, Sustainability Director at Nordic Choice Hotels.

A green forest.

Hello there,

How great that you found your way here. My name is Harald Bjugstad-Holm and I work as sustainability director at Nordic Choice Hotels.

For us, sustainability has always been at the top of the agenda. We want to pave the way, be a rebel and a challenger in the industry. We do not want to sit and wait for the EU to come up with new climate regulations, we want to drive the development of these instead.

In the spring of 2022, we launched our very own Climate Fund to be able to do just that - drive the development of sustainability in the hospitality industry. The purpose is to earmark funds for sustainability initiatives both within our own company and value chain, as well as startups focusing on climate technology.

Money to the climate fund comes through various initiatives - including the Green Stay project, where you as a guest can choose to say no to room cleaning and donate money to the climate fund.

With a clearer goal and management of the climate fund, we will be able to run larger and more successful sustainability projects. We will be able to work more actively with hotels to reduce their climate footprint, and work more strategically and long-term with suppliers to reduce our carbon dioxide emissions. And by doing so, we drive technological innovations for the hospitality industry forward.

At Nordic Choice Hotels we believe in a greener future. And now - enjoy your green stay at whatever hotel you are at.


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