If Nordic Choice Hotels were a person, who would she be? She would be charismatic and full of life, but last year she was a feisty go-getter. 2013 had intended to be a year of consolidation, but it was anything but. Having opened nine fantastic hotels, launching a brand new restaurant concept Kitchen & Table and making a big comeback in Denmark – Nordic Choice Hotels is getting closer to their dream of putting Nordic travel back on the map and hearts of the people. Here are the 2013 highlights – enjoy!


The human factor is one of our key competitive advantages. By believing and empowering our people, we end up with individuals working for the benefit of individuals. But it’s not just about our people, it’s also about contributing the people in our communities and beyond that mean a lot to us.

  • By the end of 2013, Nordic Choice Hotels had 12,250 employees representing 129 different nationalities.
  • Named Norway’s best workplace in the travel sector by the annual “Great Place to Work” survey.
  • As a partner with UNICEF in 2013, we funded one year of schooling for 6,072 children in developing countries.
  • Along with guests and staff Nordic Choice gathered 1,939,140 NOK to UNICEF’s efforts for the typhoon victims in the Philippines.
  • During Christmas time, Nordic Choice Hotels raised 35,000 gifts for troubled children and youth.
  • About 130 hotels have local social responsibility projects to support the communities surrounding them
  • Kicked off the largest company conference gathering 2,500 employees, partners and suppliers.


Sustainability is one of the pillars of Nordic Choice because as our owner said it, “There are no businesses on a dead planet.” So from strategy to operations, ensuring a healthy future of the planet is the driving force behind our approach.

  • In 2013 we and our guests contributed to preserve the rainforest equivalent of 86,628 football fields.
  • Across all of our hotels, we served approximately 2,800 cups of organic coffee per hour.
  • Then, if we collected all the poison avoided from serving organic coffee, that is the equivalent to 200,000 bottles of roundup per year.
  • So far, over 14,111 halogen bulbs have been replaced with more environmentally friendly LED bulbs in 2013.
  • Clarion Hotel chain became Scandinavia’s first palm oil free hotel chain.
  • In 2013, we released 25,000 chickens because we served organic eggs. 22,000 of them each day to be precise.


Of course, in order to keep all the positive things going, Nordic Choice Hotels has a focus to be able to fund it. Despite a year of major expansion and high pre-opening costs, there was an increase of EBITDA (Earnings before interest, taxes, deductions and amortization) by 7.8% and that is something to be proud of.

  • As of December 31st 2013 Nordic Choice Hotels had 172 hotels. That is a growth of 9 hotels in 2013.
  • In 2013, Nordic Choice had over 6.5 million guests in our hotels.
  • Nordic Choice Hotels has increased the number of hotel rooms with roughly 2,000 rooms.
  • Net operating revenues increased by 673 million in 2013 compared to 2012, partly driven by new capacity.


Can’t get enough of Nordic Choice highlights from 2013? Check out the full interactive annual report.



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