A stunning time-lapse of Norway, featuring some of mother nature’s best work in hyperspeed.

Norway. If it wasn’t already on your bucket list of places to travel to, you’ll want to include it at the top of your list after watching this video. Even in our backyard, watching footage like this by the talented Morten Rustad from Rustad Media, makes us even stunned by the fairytale-like aura of our very own country! Enough said, click play and watch now.

NORWAY – A Time-Lapse Adventure from Rustad Media on Vimeo.

Creator: Morten Rustad, http://www.rustadmedia.com/

According to his website:

This is a time-lapse video resulting from a 15,000 km (almost 10,000 miles) long road trip and tens of thousands of images taken along the way over the last 5 months. The journey has covered all of Norway’s 19 counties, from the far south to the Russian border in the Northeast. The Aim of this 5 minute short film is to show the variety of Norway, everything from the deep fjords in the Southwest, to the moon landscape in the North, the Aurora Borealis (Northern Lights) and the settlements and cities around the country, both in summer and winter time.”

Read more about his journey and behind the scenes here.

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