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Do something nice for your neighbours – be the good neighbour!

With over 190 hotels around the Nordic and Baltic states, we think it’s very important to be a nice neighbour. We want to make a difference for people and the environment in our neighbourhood and neighbouring areas, and want to be role models for the rest of society. We call it The Good Neighbour.

The Good Neighbour

Do something nice for your neighbours – be the good neighbour!

We support collections, environmental work and integration

Almost all our hotels in the Nordic and Baltic countries are already doing something good for their neighbourhoods. A clear example of this is the popular annual collection Lonely Christmas Tree. The hotels collect Christmas presents from anyone who wants to contribute and these are donated to children who otherwise would not receive any presents. Another example is Comfort Hotel Børsparken in Oslo, which is very good at not letting any food go to waste. Food that left over after e.g. the breakfast buffet is donated to charity organisations. Another example is Clarion Hotel Stockholm, which supports new arrivals in Sweden. They do this by arranging family days when the hotel staff and families and newly arrived families all play, do sports, dance and socialise together. Clarion Hotel Stockholm has even collected bikes from generous Stockholmers which since then have been used by around 100 happy newly arrived adults and children.

The examples above are just a few of very many! But in order to develop and create even more of these good deeds, we are launching our latest project: The Good Neighbour! Where we encourage all our hotels to focus more on doing good deeds in their society.

Is there anyone you know who should be rewarded?

Or someone who needs money for a project that would help to do something good for the environment or people in your neighbourhood? Apply for support from The Good Neighbour Fund! We have chosen to support local projects with up to SEK 10,000. All you need to do is to tell us about yourself, or the person you know, and the project. Applications close on 1 September 2018.

April 16th is the start of #thegoodneighbour. Follow on FacebookInstagram and here on our homepage to see what’s happening at our hotels and in our neighbourhood!