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Sandnes’ 5 best restaurants, regardless of the occasion


Sandnes – the Rogaland town that is so much more than just Stavanger’s little sister! Here, in beautiful scenic surroundings at inlet Vågen, you’ll find some of the best seafood you can dream of, as well as delicious home-cooked meals and much more.

Truth or dare with insect burgers at Hekkan

iStock-Cheeseburger-and-fries-stone-plateHekkan is a great place for meat eaters, vegetarians and adventurers!

Hekkan burger is a legendary burger place in Sandnes, widely known for its great juicy burgers. All meat lovers will be in awe here, and Hekkan obviously has a very tasty veggie burger too!

At Hekkan they prepare all the food from scratch – we’re talking about everything from meat to cutting up the fries. Choose between classics such as the cheeseburger, Low Carb with the burger wrapped in lettuce leaves instead of bread, and not least the grasshopper burger Cricket!. Challenge you friends at Hekkan – who dares to order Cricket?

Psst! Quality Hotel™ Residence is located in the building next door – great to know when you need a homely and cosy place to stay at after burgers and beer at Hekkan!

  • Cuisine: European/American
  • Suitable for: families/AW/friends
  • Price level: low/middle

Unbelievably romantic Sandnes Brygge

restaurant-sandnes-brygge We have a hot tip for when you plan to take your partner to a romantic, still informal, date in Sandnes. Sandnes brygge is located deep into inlet Vågen with wonderful views over the water Impress your partner and dine at this charming restaurant with an eclectic and vintage inspired ambience. At Sandnes Brygge they serve basic and unpretentious food with focus on the flavours. You can indulge in delicious locally fished seafood – one of the signature foods in the Sandnes region.

Sandnes Brygge focuses on unprocessed and tasty food. The food sources are a mix of local produce and delicious seafood and the menu is seasonal. All foods, apart from the bread, are made from scratch and the chefs take no shortcuts in creating the wonderful flavours!

  • Ingunn Kvernstuen, Sandnes Brygge.

Sandnes Brygge can also brag about their incredibly wonderful outdoor dining area, which is open during summer. Surprise your loved one with a budget-friendly weekend in Sandnes and try the delicious food at Sandnes Brygge – you will be far from disappointed!

  • Cuisine: Nordic
  • Suitable for: couples/ smaller groups
  • Price level: medium

Norwegian comfort food at Lura turistheim

iStock-raspeballer-komleKomler is a classic Norwegian dish with deep traditions in Rogaland and often eaten in autumn

Centrally located at Lura, a district located north of Sandnes centre, you’ll find Lura Turistheim. Here they serve delicious and filling home-cooked meals! This is a great place to have dinner with the whole family, or when you want to introduce international guests to Norwegian classic cuisine. Who can say no thanks to meatballs with gravy and potatoes? Just asking!

At Lura Turistheim they have made home-cooked meals and traditional dishes since 1949! When you’re visiting, you should perhaps take the opportunity and try komler, a kind of potato dumplings and a local Rogaland dish.

  • Cuisine: Nordic/home-cooked dishes
  • Suitable for: families/ larger and smaller groups
  • Price level: low/medium

French dishes with a Nordic twist at Brasserie X

EDITRestaurant BrasserieX table Quality Hotel PondBrasserie X is conveniently located at Quality Hotel™ Pond. Great for travellers.

The impressive restaurant Brasserie X is located in Quality Hotel™ Pond just next to Sola Airport. French brasserie traditions meet new Nordic cuisine in inviting dishes with locally produced ingredients and exciting flavours. The menu changes with the seasons and you always get the best of what Norway has to offer, regardless of which time of the year you’re visiting the brasserie. And by the way – they have a popular selection of child-friendly dishes as well!

Brasserie X is a perfect choice when you have just arrived at Sola Airport and feel hungry, or after a long conference day at the hotel.

  • Cuisine: French/Nordic
  • Suitable for: groups/families/AW
  • Price level: medium

Take a break and enjoy Gamlaværket Gjæstgiveri og Tracteringssted

STOCK-lambchops-on plate-food-meatYou’ll find traditional Norwegian food at Gamlaværket Gjæstgiveri!

Gamlaværket is located in Sandnes centre in an incredibly beautiful old guest house from 1783. Here you will find an absolutely amazing restaurant with a distinctive, quiet and historic atmosphere. They serve anything from Norwegian classic dishes to cheese platter, and all food is prepared with a big dose of love and pride. Gamlaværket is a place where you take your time, sit down and enjoy. It’s not a quick «in-and-out» place.

  • Cuisine: Norwegian/Scandinavian/European
  • Suitable for: families/small and big groups
  • Price level: medium/high

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