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5 Best Bakeries in Copenhagen

We all know that the Danes are famous for their bread and pastries so here are our favourite bakers in town.

When you’re in Copenhagen you need to try out some of the bakeries the city has to offer. The Danish food industry is packed full of impassioned people who live to create pure food pleasure. This small guide will let you chose from only the very best bakeries available across the Copenhagen. Enjoy!

1. Serenity Cupcakes

_MG_1677Photo: Serenity cupcakes

This place opened in August 2011 by Mariam Mistry who decided to leave the advertising industry to follow her passion making sweet treats. Her shop Serenity Cupcakes serves cupcakes with slightly different flavour combinations that will leave you with an exceptional impression. Who wouldn’t want to try out “Ginger Infusion”, “Summer in Rio” or “Carrot Karma”? If you can’t have enough of Mariam and her delicious sweets you can sign up for a baking class while you’re in town! Be sure not to miss this gem located right in the heart of Copenhagen.

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2. Conditori La Glace

 w b-000013Photo: Conditori La Glace

This place is an oldie but goldie! Ever since they opened their doors in 1870, Conditori La Glace has been delivering cakes and pastries worthy of kings and queens across the globe. It’s a place filled with history and it’s obvious when you taste their exquisite confections. They offer a wide range of cakes and pastries with service that is professional and thoughtful. Do not miss if you’re a foodie who’s into getting a story with your cake. The location is the same today as it was when it first opened, 144 years ago now.

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3.  Meyer’s Bakeries

If you can’t get enough of that sourdough bread, this is the place of your dreams. At Meyer’s Bakeries, the art of creating the perfect bread is part of the daily schedule. They only use the very best ingredients available and they even grind their own flour. The deep flavours that the perfect flour mixture will create are amazing. If the smell of fresh bread gets you up in the mornings, then this is your place to start the day.

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4. Strangas Dessert Boutique

strangasPhoto: Strangas Dessert Boutique

Nikolaous Stranga is the Michelin awarded pastry chef who wanted to take pastries to the next level. He opened Strangas Dessert Boutique and they serve nothing but pure pleasure. All ingredients are organic and even though sugar and cream may not be the healthiest picks, Nikolaous would probably argue the opposite. In addition to using only organic produce, he puts great effort into creating pastry that’s well balanced and looks like little pieces of art. For every special occasion, Strangas will have a perfect cake to provide you with.

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5. Bertels Salon

Untitled-1-11Photo: Bertels Salon

This place has been awarded with a prize for AOK’s “Best Pastries in Town 2014”. If that isn’t enough reason to pay them a visit we don’t know what is! Apparently Bertels Salon is Copenhagen’s most prominent cheesecake experts. With a wide selection of flavours to choose from, we can assure there’s a pick for everyone. Bertels Salon has two spots in Copenhagen, so you should be able to visit at least one of them. Plus they have great coffee to go with the cake!

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Now you’re all set for a sweet weekend in Copenhagen! Which will be your favourite? If you have other favourites we’ve missed, please do let us know by adding them in the comments below. By the way, here’s 10% off hotels in Copenhagen so you can have the savings and eat your cake too.