Good beds, good food and good experiences equals good colleagues. Handled correctly, a stay at a hotel is not just fun – it actually ramps up profits, too.

“Are you kidding me? It brings us much closer together. No matter whether we’ve been riding the waves in an RIB, taking part in rebus orienteering events or racing sailing boats, the entire team has come back to the office filled with energy that is sure to last well into the autumn. I don’t doubt for a second that it pays dividends.”

So says Martin Lindeberg, co-owner and manager of a medium-sized enterprise in East Norway. We meet him and a group of smiling colleagues as they are just leaving Quality Hotel Klubben in Tønsberg.

Today, the team will be taking part in what is known as a ‘city race’ – a kind of rebus orienteering race where the employees compete to collect points at various stations in the oldest city in Norway.

Proven in practice

Martin Lindeberg is quite right – or so research in the area suggests. The technology giant Google has just completed a huge research project to identify the differences between an authentically good team and a not particularly good team.

The conclusion from this survey is clear: colleagues who are confident in one another and have fun at work perform better professionally. Interaction within the group is more important than individual skills. And there is nothing like good experiences for generating team spirit:


“You don’t need to be a genius to work out that people who enjoy their work are better at it than employees who do not. If you have fun together, you’ll get along fine,” explains Arne Georg Rønning, from the Allonboard event agency.

Arne has been organising events and experiences of all shapes and sizes for companies for 17 years. Today, he is responsible for the activity that Martin Lindeberg and his happy colleagues are taking part in.

“We put together a bespoke package for each individual company. I think it’s great exercise to tackle problems other than the ones you work with on an everyday basis – like today’s challenge. The people who take part have the chance to get to know one another in a different context. We receive overwhelmingly positive feedback on challenges of this kind.”

Events and experiences throughout Scandinavia

It is perhaps not so strange that Quality Hotel Klubben is so keen to recommend Arne Georg Rønning’s activities to guests – and the idea is certainly not exclusive to this hotel. Because even though numerous Choice hotels organise their own activities, they often work with external players with the capacity to provide what it takes to ensure customers enjoy a truly memorable stay – both inside and outside the hotel.

 With 185 hotels located in large and small towns and cities in Scandinavia and the Baltic, there is almost no end to the opportunities. This is actually one of the reasons why Martin Lindeberg and his team chose a Choice hotel for their event.

“When we set out on a kick-off event or another trip with the firm, there are three things important to us: good food, good service and fun activities. Choice ticks all the boxes. We’ve experienced everything from musicals to dog-sledding, and this gives everyone in the team a real boost,” concludes Martin Lindeberg.